Friday, 28 December 2012

A First Course in Digital Communications by HA H. NGUYEN

The text is intended for persons who are undertaking a study of digital communications for the first time. Though it can be used for self-study the orientation is towards the classroom for students at the fourth-year (senior) level. The text can also serve readily for a beginning-level graduate course.

Chapter - 1: Introduction
Chapter - 2: Deterministic signal characterization and analysis
Chapter - 3: Probability theory, random variables and random processes
Chapter - 4: Sampling and quantization
Chapter - 5: Optimum receiver for binary data transmission
Chapter - 6: Baseband data transmission
Chapter - 7: Basic digital passband modulation
Chapter - 8: M-ary signaling techniques
Chapter - 9: Signaling over bandlimited channels
Chapter - 10: Signaling over fading channels
Chapter - 11: Advanced modulation techniques
Chapter - 12: Synchronization

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  1. do yoy have the solutions manual for this?