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Silicon VLSI Technology: Fundamentals, Practice and Modeling

Book Description
For one-quarter/semester, senior/graduate level courses in Fabrication Processes. Unique in approach, this text provides an integrated view of silicon technology--with an emphasis on modern computer simulation. It describes not only the manufacturing practice associated with the technologies used in silicon chip fabrication, but also the underlying scientific basis for those technologies.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction and Historical Perspective.
2. Modern CMOS Technology.
3. Crystal Growth, Wafer Fabrication and Basic Properties of Silicon Wafers.
4. Semiconductor Manufacturing— Clean Rooms, Wafer Cleaning and Gettering.
5. Lithography.
6. Thermal Oxidation and the Si/SiO2 Interface.
7. Dopant Diffusion.
8. Ion Implantation.
9. Thin Film Deposition.
10. Etching.
11. Backend Technology.

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