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Digital Communication by John R. Barry, ‏Edward A. Lee and ‏David G. Messerschmitt - (3rd Ed.)

Book Description
This book is for designers and would-be designers of digital communication systems. The general approach of this book is to extract the common principles underlying a range of media and applications and present them in a unified framework. Digital Communication is relevant to the design of a variety of systems, including voice and video digital cellular telephone, digital CATV distribution, wireless LANs, digital subscriber loop, metallic Ethernet, voiceband data modems, and satellite communication systems.

Table of Contents
Deterministic Signal Processing
Stochastic Signal Processing
Limits of Communication
PulseAmplitude Modulation
Advanced Modulation
Probabilistic Detection
Adaptive Equalization
MIMO Communications
Fading and Diversity
Error Control
Signal-Space Coding
Phase-Locked Loops
Carrier Recovery
Timing Recovery
Multiple Access Alternatives

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