Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Switching and Finite Automata Theory

Book Description
Topics in switching and finite automata theory have been an important part of the curriculum in electrical engineering and computer science departments for several decades.

Table of  Contents
Number systems and codes;
Sets, relations and lattices;
Combinational logic;
Switching algebra its applications;
Minimization of switching functions;
Logical design;
Functional decomposition and symmetric functions;
Threshold logic;
Reliable design and fault diagnosis;
Finite-state machines;
Introduction to synchronous sequential circuits and iterative networks;
Capabilities, minimization and transformation of sequential machines;
Asynchronous sequential circuits;
Structure of sequential machines;
State-identification and fault-detection experiments;
Memory, definiteness, and information losslessness of finite automata;
Linear sequential machines;
Finite-state recognizers.

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