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Exploring Arduino: Tools and Techniques for Engineering Wizardry (Free PDF Download)

Book Description
Exploring Arduino shows how to use the world’s most popular microcontroller to create cool, practical, artistic, and educational projects. Through lessons in electrical engineering, programming, and human computer interaction, this book walks you through specific, increasingly complex projects, all the while providing best practices that can apply to your own projects once you’ve mastered these. You’ll acquire valuable skills – and have a whole lot of fun. For all book resources please visit ExploringArduino website.

Table of Contents
Part I Arduino Engineering Basics 1
Chapter 1 Getting Up and Blinking with the Arduino 3
Chapter 2 Digital Inputs, Outputs, and Pulse-Width Modulation 19
Chapter 3 Reading Analog Sensors 41
Part II Controlling Your Environment 61
Chapter 4 Using Transistors and Driving Motors 63
Chapter 5 Making Sounds 91
Chapter 6 USB and Serial Communication 107
Chapter 7 Shift Registers 145
Part III Communication Interfaces 161
Chapter 8 The I2C Bus 163
Chapter 9 The SPI Bus 181
Chapter 10 Interfacing with Liquid Crystal Displays 199
Chapter 11 Wireless Communication with XBee Radios 221
Part IV Advanced Topics and Projects 255
Chapter 12 Hardware and Timer Interrupts 257
Chapter 13 Data Logging with SD Cards 277
Chapter 14 Connecting Your Arduino to the Internet

You can download this book from any of the following links. If any link is dead please feel free to leave a comment.
Download Here (Link Deleted by Author)

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