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Small Signal Audio Design by Douglas Self 1st and 2nd Eds

Book Description
Small Signal Audio Design is a unique guide to the design of high-quality circuitry for preamplifiers, mixing consoles, and a host of other signal-processing devices. Learn to use inexpensive and readily available parts to obtain state-of-the-art performance in all the vital parameters of noise, distortion, crosstalk and so on. Focusing mainly on preamplifiers and mixers this practical handbook gives you an extensive repertoire of circuits that can be put together to make almost any type of audio system.

Table of Contents
CHAPTER 1 - The Basics
CHAPTER 2 - Components
CHAPTER 3 - Discrete Transistor Circuitry
CHAPTER 4 - Op-Amps and Their Properties
CHAPTER 5 - Filters
CHAPTER 6 - Preamplifier Architectures
CHAPTER 7 - Moving-Magnet Disc Inputs
CHAPTER 8 - Moving-Coil Head Amplifiers
CHAPTER 9 - Volume and Balance Controls
CHAPTER 10 - Tone Controls and Equalizers
CHAPTER 11 - A Complete Preamplifier
CHAPTER 12 - Mixer Architectures
CHAPTER 13 - Microphone Preamplifiers
CHAPTER 14 - Line Inputs
CHAPTER 15 - Line Outputs
CHAPTER 16 - Signal Switching
CHAPTER 17 - Mixer Subsystems
CHAPTER 18 - Level Indication and Metering
CHAPTER 19 - Level Control and Special Circuits
CHAPTER 20 - Power Supplies
CHAPTER 21 - Interfacing with the Digital Domain

You can download this book from any of the following links. If any link is dead please feel free to leave a comment.
Download here (1st Ed)
Download here (2nd Ed)

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