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System Dynamics for Engineering Students: Concepts and Applications (Free PDF)

Book Description
System Dynamics for Engineering Students: Concepts and Applications discusses the basic concepts of engineering system dynamics. Engineering system dynamics focus on deriving mathematical models based on simplified physical representations of actual systems, such as mechanical, electrical, fluid, or thermal, and on solving the mathematical models. The resulting solution is utilized in design or analysis before producing and testing the actual system.
The book discusses the main aspects of a system dynamics course for engineering students; mechanical, electrical, and fluid and thermal system modeling; the Laplace transform technique; and the transfer function approach. It also covers the state space modeling and solution approach; modeling system dynamics in the frequency domain using the sinusoidal (harmonic) transfer function; and coupled-field dynamic systems.
The book is designed to be a one-semester system-dynamics text for upper-level undergraduate students with an emphasis on mechanical, aerospace, or electrical engineering. It is also useful for understanding the design and development of micro- and macro-scale structures, electric and fluidic systems with an introduction to transduction, and numerous simulations using MATLAB and SIMULINK.

Table of Contents
CHAPTER 1 - Introduction
CHAPTER 2 - Mechanical Systems I
CHAPTER 3 - Mechanical Systems II
CHAPTER 4 - Electrical Systems
CHAPTER 5 - Fluid and Thermal Systems
CHAPTER 6 - The Laplace Transform
CHAPTER 7 - Transfer Function Approach
CHAPTER 8 - State Space Approach
CHAPTER 9 - Frequency-Domain Approach
CHAPTER 10 - Coupled-Field Systems
CHAPTER 11 - Introduction to Modeling and Design of Feedback Control Systems

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