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Designing Circuit Boards with EAGLE: Make High-Quality PCBs at Low Cost

Book Description
This book helps you take full advantage of EAGLE’s remarkable capabilities. You won’t find any differential equations here: only basic circuit theory and hands-on techniques for designing effective PCBs and getting innovative new gadgets to market. The book starts with an accessible introduction to the fundamentals of PCB design. Next, it walks through the design of basic, intermediate, and complex circuit boards, starting with a simple inverting amplifier and culminating in a six-layer single-board computer with hundreds of components and thousands of routed connections.

Table of Contents
Part I: Preliminary Introduction
Chapter 1. Introducing EAGLE
Chapter 2. An Overview of Circuit Boards and EAGLE Design
Chapter 3. Designing a Simple Circuit
Part II: Designing the Arduino Femtoduino
Chapter 4. Designing the Femtoduino Schematic
Chapter 5. Layout and Design Rules
Chapter 6. Routing
Chapter 7. Generating and Submitting Output Files
Part III: Advanced Capabilities
Chapter 8. Creating Libraries and Components
Chapter 9. Simulating Circuits with LTspice
Part IV: Automating EAGLE
Chapter 10. Editor Commands
Chapter 11. Introduction to the User Language (UL)
Chapter 12. Examining Designs with the User Language
Chapter 13. Creating Dialogs and Menu Items
Part V: The BeagleBone Black
Chapter 14. Schematic Design for the BeagleBone Black
Chapter 15. Board Design for the BeagleBone Black

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