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TI ARM Peripherals Programming and Interfacing: Using C Language for ARM Cortex (ARM books Book 2)

Book Description
The ARM CPU is licensed and produced by hundreds of companies. The ARM Assembly language instructions and architectures are standardized and all the licensees must follow them. The first volume of this series (ARM Assembly Language Programming & Architecture by Mazidi & Naimi) covers the Assembly language programming, instructions, and architecture of the ARM and can be used with any ARM chip, regardless of the chip maker. Since the licensees are free to design and implement their own peripherals, the peripherals of ARM chips vary greatly among the licensees. For this reason, we have dedicated a separate volume to each licensee. This volume covers the peripheral programming of Texas Instruments (TI) ARM Tiva C series. Future volumes cover other vendors. 

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: C for Embedded Systems
Chapter 2: TI ARM I/O Programming
Chapter 3: LCD and Keyboard Interfacing
Chapter 4: UART Serial Port Programming
Chapter 5: TI ARM Timer Programming
Chapter 6: Interrupt and Exception Programming
Chapter 7: ADC, DAC, and Sensor Interfacing
Chapter 8: SPI Protocol and DAC Interfacing
Chapter 9: I2C Protocol and RTC Interfacing
Chapter 10: Relay, Optoisolator, and Stepper Motor Interfacing
Chapter 11: PWM and DC Motor Control
Chapter 12: Programming Graphics LCD
Chapter 13: DRAM Memory Technology and DMA Controller
Chapter 14: Cache Memory
Chapter 15: MMU, Virtual Memory and MPU in ARM

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