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Circuitbuilding for Dummies - Free PDF for Dummies

Book Description
Have you ever wanted to build your own electronic device? Put together a thermostat or an in-line fuse, or repair a microphone cable? This is the book for you! Inside you'll find the tools and techniques you need to build circuits, with illustrated, step-by-step directions to help accomplish tasks and complete projects.

As you accomplish the tasks throughout the book, you'll construct many projects while learning the key circuitbuilding principles and techniques. Find out about measuring and testing, maintenance and troubleshooting, cables, connectors, how to test your stuff, and more.

Table of Contents
Part I: Working Basics for Electronic-ers.
Chapter 1: The Toolbox.
Chapter 2: Basic Techniques.
Part II: Building Circuits.
Chapter 3: Using a Solderless Breadboard.
Chapter 4: Building a Printed Circuit Board.
Chapter 5: Building a Prototype.
Chapter 6: Building from a Published Schematic.
Part III: Cables and Connectors.
Chapter 7: Terminals and Connectors.
Chapter 8: Wiring for Wireless Radio.
Chapter 9: Mastering Power.
Chapter 10: Audio and Sensitive Connections.
Part IV: Measuring and Testing.
Chapter 11: Meet the Test Equipment.
Chapter 12: Measurements That Test Your Circuits and Projects.
Part V: Maintaining Electronic Equipment.
Chapter 13: Who Let the Smoke Out?
Chapter 14: Maintaining Your Cool (Stuff).
Chapter 15: Getting a Charge Out of Batteries.
Chapter 16: Electronics in Motion.
Chapter 17: Getting Rid of Interference and Noise.
Part VI: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 18: Ten Circuitbuilding Secrets.
Chapter 19: Ten Circuit First-Aid Techniques and Supplies.


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