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Electronic Communication Systems 4th Ed. by Kennedy and Davis

Book Description
Kennedy`s Electronic Communication Systems is a classic literature on Communications. Kennedy`s book simplifies the concepts and presents the subject in as diagrammatic and theoretical manner as possible. In the adaptation, the original flavour of the text has been maintained while the old technology has been updated with the more latest ones. Due weightage has been provided to the discussion of Digital Communications, which has gained in importance since the last revision of Kennedy.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction To Communication Systems
2. Noise
3. Amplitude Modulation
4. Single Side-band Techniques
5. Frequency Modulation
6. Radio Receivers
7. Transmission Lines
8. Radiation And Propagation Of Waves
9. Antennas
10. Waveguides, Resonators And Components
11. Microwave Tubes And Circuits
12. Semiconductor Microwave Devices And Circuits
13. Pulse Communications
14. Digital Communications
15. Broadband Communication Systems
16. Radar Systems
17. Television Fundamentals
18. Introduction To Fiber Optic Technology
18. Information Theory, Coding And Data Communication

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  1. Keneddy and davis are the good easy writers...They write the had text in easy and simple format...that is understandable...
    Electronic communication systems 4th ed. is a very good book on communication systems..Easy and simple language and many solved problems make it more easier to understand the text

  2. Replies
    1. Sorry but this is the only available online version