Friday, 8 July 2016

The Waite Group: Assembly Language Primer for the IBM PC & XT by Robert Lafore

Book Description
I found this book in the library when I wanted to learn the assembly language for XT. You can learn it from using DEBUG with DOS Service Routine. You can see the result of each instruction right away, such as the change of the value in the registers and the change to the flags. No need to do any compilation.
I am lucky to have learned from this book, so I could pick up the assembly language in a short period of time. It's much easier to learn C after you get acquainted to the assembly language.
If you want to learn assembly language, but could not find a good guide, then this is the right one for you!

Table of Contents
Assembly language and debug
Instant program
What is assembly language?
Inside DOS - the disk operating system
Introduction to the IBM MACRO assembler
Using the IBM MACRO assembler
Memory segmentation and EXE files
Inside the ROM
Monochrome and color graphics
Reading and writing disk files.

You can download this book from any of the following links. If any link is dead please feel free to leave a comment.
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